Birthday Party in P A

Arrived on time very professional. Each of the guests Would hire her every time for similar event. Folks at the party really liked her  a lot and thought her readings were accurate.

John S

Wedding in N Y

Gypsy was a wonderful addition to our wedding. She was so sweet and our guests loved having her there! Highly recommend her.

​Jennifer C

15Th  Birthday Party in N J

​Gypsy  was amazing! she did fortunes for over 20 fifteen year old girls and they all loved their time with her. She is a true profession and a very warm person. Highly recommend for any age!

​Susan  T


Spa Ology in N J

Thank you so much for being an amazing part of SpaOlogy

4th year anniversary party.   Every single person that had a reading with you

came out of the room saying OMG....She was so spot on!

From my own experience with getting a reading with you,  I can totally relate 

and confirm that statement!   Plus your energy is so pure, happy and kind.

You're such an amazing soul.  I am so looking forward to seeing you again

soon.....much love.


69 Th Birthday Party in N.Y

Gypsi  was a fantastic addition to my big 69 th birthday party. He was awesome and very professional. Everyone enjoyed him and his amazing talents. Thank you Gypsi for gracing us with your mastery!

Yvette  H.

​Valentine Party in N J

Gypsi was responsive and professional from the start. Our party guests enjoyed his readings and he helped create a great vibe at our party!


​14th Birthday Party in N J

Gypsy the Fortune Teller was a fabulous addition to our event. The kids, both boys and girls, loved having their palms read along with the adults. She was spot on with the readings as they were accurate with positive messages for all. The booking was easy and her called and emailed me with constant communication. This eased my worries to make my daughter’s Birthday even better!!! Thank you so much for helping to make special memories!!!

40th Birthday Party in P A

Gypsi was such a pleasure to work with as we planned the party and was a joy to have at the event. All of our guests that met with him thought he was so lovely and he's readings were very accurate and informative. We were so grateful to have had Gypsi at our party and plan to hire him for other events in the future. He is a truly gifted individual and has a beautiful spirit.

Jennifer L.


Halloween Party in N J

Everyone was blown away by the accuracy of the readings. Professional, friendly and a wonderful entertainer for any party. Highly recommend!!!

Heather C

Spirit Of Halloween Store in N J

We booked Gypsy the Fortune Teller and her son Gypsi  for a major event and they were amazing to work with from beginning to end. They arrived on time and hit the ground running with a line of guests waiting for their services the entire time. I'd highly recommend them for any event.

​Nikki B

Bridal Shower in N J

Overall Gypsi was great! My guests really enjoyed getting their palms and tarot cards read - I would highly recommend him for any event!

​Karolina K

 ​​Baby Shower in N J

Gypsy was fantastic at my baby shower! He was on time, professional and everyone absolutely loved her. Highly recommend!!

Kristina K

Bridal Shower in P A

Gypsi was phenomenal! We had him come to our home in the Poconos for a Bachelorette party. He was very professional and accommodating throughout the booking process. He's friendly presence made it so comforting when he arrived! Her talent and skill made her years of experience very obvious, and everyone was very pleased with their time spent with her! Even the next morning we were all still talking about our readings. We highly recommend Gypsi. You will love him!

Lauren B

Corporate Christmas Party in N J

It was a great idea to invite Gypsi  to a business Christmas Party. It was a new and Wonderful experience, I will definitely invite again for a future party at Mosaic Wellness and Beauty. I will highly recommend The Gypsi  Fortune Teller services for any event. Thank You again for this memorable experience for all of us.


85 th  Birthday Party in N J

Gypsi was a big hit at my mother's 85th birthday party. Over 50 people attended and many guests lined up for his readings. He was friendly and approachable, came dressed for the part, and gave everyone attention. He showed up early and even stayed a little late for some last minute requests. Would use him again.

​Christopher G

Happy Birthday Party in P A

Thank you, Gypsi, for providing a wonderful experience for all of our guests! I would highly recommend for anyone to experience the fun with your spiritual services. Thanks for being punctual, professional, easy to communicate with, and for having such a positive presence/aura.

​Kenneth D.

Halloween Party in N J

Gypsi  The Fortune Teller was great! Very profession, very punctual, and very positive.

​Jennifer S

Kids ​Birthday Birthday in N J

Gypsy responded to my request quickly, showed up on time, and, most importantly, entertained a group of 11-12 year old girls. Great entertainment for a Halloween themed birthday party!

Romy W, 

Bridal Shower in N Y

Very professional, made time for each one of my guest. Friendly to everyone and kind person. Would higher him again! "YES"

​Kathy L

Baby Shower in N J

Gypsi was wonderful! Very timely and dressed for the part!! All the guests were raving about how there were things no one else knew that he hit the nail on the head! Will definitely use again!’

Jennifer R

Private Party in N J

What a wonderful experience. Gypsi was so accommodating. We ended up needing more time and he made it happen. Very pleasant and positive energy!

Ladi  Rumson,

16th Birthday Party in N.Y

Gypsi you were fantastic!

Until next time ....  :)


40th Birthday Party in N Y

Gypsy  it was great having you over again.

Everyone really enjoyed it . See you again in the near future.

Jake M

85th Birthday Party in NJ

He was very professional, arrived early, finished everyone in the amount of time we had set aside. Would definitely recommend!

​Andrea S

Birthday Party in NJ

We all had a good time.

Lally S, 

Bridal Shower in PA

​Gypsi came to a Bachelorette party and made the party great! He was so friendly and professional. He provided readings for all guests and was spot on! Can't wait to book him again! Thank you for making a memorable event! Karen H,

Corporate  Event in NJ

Everyone loved his  friendly and fun personality! !   Will  hire him again.

Joana H,

50th Birthday  Party  in NJ

Gypsi was very responsive leading up to the event, he came very prepared, dressed to the 9s  and setup and got going right away. We booked him for 90 minutes, had 14 people get readings and everyone very much enjoyed themselves! It was 50th birthday party, but since we were all family and it we felt comfortable having Gypsi in our home and everyone loved the experience! 

​Caragh H

  New Years Party  in NYC                         

Gypsi was excellent, and beyond what we expected and his  participation made the night for the small party of 9 people we had last night. His personal touch and safe interaction was wonderful and professional, we were very fortunate to have found Gypsi and will no doubt use her services again .

Karl H

​​​Halloween  ​Party in P A                         

Gypsy & Gypsi was hired for a large event and they were kind and most importantly on time, professional and so much fun! I would hire them again in an instant! They came for a Halloween party dressed up in costume and the guests loved them!!


Halloween Brunch in N Y              

Gypsi's presence definitely added a fun touch to my Halloween Brunch and my guests really enjoyed him! 

​Suzanne F

Sweet 16 Party in PA                         

Gypsy and Gypsi ,  were the PERFECT addition to my daughter's sweet 16th Birthday. Everyone loved the palm reading and thought it was very spot one. Thank you G's for a wonderful Birthday celebration!

Christine L.

Bridal Shower in N J                        

​Gypsi was very personable and had great energy. He arrived early and gave each person a palm, tarot, and zodiac reading. I definitely recommend Gypsi if you're looking some out-of-the-box entertainment! 

Jessica F

Driftwood Beach Club  in N J        

Thank you for coming to our event!

Everyone had such a good time.


Bridal Shower in NJ                     

Gypsi was very professional and responsive to all communication.

He is flexible, as we saw when  we changed the time for my daughters

bridal shower. Gypsi was very sweet and kind and gave very comfortable

readings. Even for the people  who never had that experience before.

I highly recommend Gypsi for your party as he understands exactly

what is  needed in any situation. Thank you!

RoseMary M.

Yacht Club  in N J                 

Gypsy & Gypsi entertained on a themed night at our Yacht Club

They were incredibly professional, arriving early and setting up.

They were dressed n authentic garb, were engaging and entertaining

for hours!  Everyone had a fantastic time, and we received rave reviews  

from all of our members that evening.  Fantastic!

​Linda L

Celebration  in N Y               

​Gypsi was very professional and  showed up on time.

He made time to see everyone. He offered everyone a palm , 

tarot cards and their horoscope reading . Everyone enjoyed!

Diane D.

Bridal Shower in N J             

Every one enjoyed Gypsi's readings and his positive aura.

His costume was a big hit.

​Kate Z.

​Corporate Event  in NYC       

Look No Further!! Gypsy & Gypsi are the best tarot card readers for any party's.

I hope I get the chance to hire them  both again soon!

Lacy H.

​​Kids Birthday Party in N Y   

​We had a great time with Gypsy. All the kids and parents at the party had fun getting lipstick readings, palm readings, and tarot card reading. We would recommend her to anyone for any type of party!
Sarah R.

Private Party in P A         

Gypsy was great!  Communicated super well and did a

great job at the event. 

​Samantha D

Birthday Party in N J        

Gypsi was absolutely a hit at our party. He was punctual,

polite and everyone enjoyed their readings!

Christopher  J.

Holiday Party in  N Y C      

Gypsi was on time, professional, and entertaining.

We enjoyed having him at our event and would recommend

him to yours!

Ange C.

Private Party in N Y C      

Gypsy was great!  She made our dinner party so much fun.

Very professional and highly quality. Highly recommend!

Franco F.

Halloween Party in  N Y C      

Great time having Gypsi at our Corporate Halloween Party!

Would highly recommend and would bring him back again,

in the near future.

​Anna G.

Wedding in NYC      

Gypsy & Gypsi  where a delight to work with and my guests enjoyed

their readings!  I would highly recommend them for a special event!

Professional and super sweet!

​Jason P.

Bachelorette Party in NYC         

Gypsy was phenomenal addition to our party!

She was prompt, nice and spent a lot of time with each guests.

​Caroline O.

Sweet 16 Birthday Party  in N Y          

Very lovely and fun for my daughters 16th birthday party.

Very positive. Thanks 

Kerry C.

Corporate Function in N Y          

Booked Gypsi for a corporate event and it was a hit!

Such wonderful energy and bright smiling face really 

made this event soar. Will book again in the near future!

Vernize R.

Google Corporate Function in N Y C     

Gypsy was wonderful addition to our party!

She was very easy to work with in advance and alot of fun for

our crowd the evening of. So I would highly recommend her.

​Caragh L.

Family Party

We hired Gypsi to entertain guests at our pig roast.  Gypsi arrived

on time and began  greeting guests right away.  Our guests loved

getting their readings. Gypsi was friendly, fun and positive.

Everyone loved he's energy. There was a line for Gypsi the entire time.

He was the high light of our party!

​Kimberly G.

​​Celebration in  N J                 

Gypsi arrived on time and was dressed appropriately and prepared.

My guests all really enjoyed he's readings and were still talking about 

him the next day.  Thank you

​Lauren M.

Shawnee High School in N J  

Gypsy & Gypsi Thank you so much. You always do a wonderful job each year.

For the past 10 years and still going. We are so  happy to have you 

every year. Looking forward to next year!

Jenn P.

Graduation Party in N J          

Gypsy was very easy to deal with. She reached out through e mails.

Immediately  to coordinate arrival time ect.  She was very professional 

And arrived exactly when she said she would. Her attire was as she 

described. Her readings were very positive and thoughtful.

Everyone enjoyed interacting with Gypsy. Thank You!

Mary K.

Rutgers University College  in N J  

This was a college event.  Gypsy & Gypsi were fantastic  and the students

had a lot of fun.  Thanks for the great time!

Brian C.

​​Bachelorette Party in N J         

Gypsy was amazing for our bachelorette party. The girls had a blast getting their readings.  She was animated, personable, and accurate. 

It was a wonderful addition to our party!

Devyn P.

Birthday Party in N Y C               

Great work! Gypsy & Gypsi looked the part, arrived early and was a huge

hit for the party. Everyone loved getting their fortunes told.

Robert L.

Corporate  Function in N Y C      

Friendly, Professional, super engaging.  I heard nothing but great things about him, from all over my guests who had a chance to sit down with him.

My only regret is that I didn't have time to work with him directly.

​Eric H.

Corporate Function  in N Y        

Please book Gypsy for all your parties. This is the second time ,I booked her

an she is amazing with my guests. What a fun party with her!

Catherine C.

Corporate Event   in  NYC   

We hosted a corporate event for 130 people.The theme was a Blood Moon.

Gypsy & Gypsi was amazing!  Our guests were waiting on line to get a brief reading with both of them.  All of my guests were thrilled with there 

readings. Thank you!

Luna C.

Corporate Function in N J      

Gypsi was an ABSOLUTE JOY to have at our function. His professionalism and skill is second to none. We loved  him  and will definitely , have him back


​Theresa H.

Private Party in NY  

We hired Gypsi for a Fate & Fortune theme,the party was at my home.

Gypsi exceeded all our expectations! Our guests were raving about how

wonderful he was and their was a line all night long!   Not only was

his professional, positive,and accurate with his readings. He was  extremely accommodating.   We expected the fortune telling portion of our evening

to the end. Gypsi was so kind to extend his stay till the last person. Hours 

after.  We could not have asked for a better person to entertain our guests.

Do not hesitate to book Gypsi!  He will not disappoint you!

​Saloni S.

Wine Tasting Party in  N J   

Gypsy was fantastic!  From her fabulous costume to her Gypsy set up.

She was spot on with her readings. Gypsy was the highlight of my event.

All my guests enjoyed her Palm, Tarot Cards and their Horoscope readings.

All my guests told me she was very accurate. She was very professional, he came early to set up.  Was very easy to work with.  I would hire him again in a

heart beat!  Thank you Gypsi !!

Lisa M.

Birthday Party in N Y  

He was Great! Would recommend for all kinds of parties and events,

​Dennis R.

Cocktail Party in NY          

Gypsi was the blast.  We had him at a beach Fund Raiser for 

Kids Preschool. All of the guests enjoyed their readings and had a blast.

He was kind and thoughtful . Prompt and professional.  I highly

recommend Gypsi for your next party or event.

Lisa O.

Birthday Party  in  N J    

Gypsi  was my mothers surprise 70th birthday.

I was a little nervous at first- not because of him, but because you

never know how receptive guests will be towards getting their

palm and tarot cards read. I  was so very pleased to see that every

time I looked to see how he was doing, someone was new sitting with him. 

When I asked around, I received nothing but positive feed back from all my guests. Everyone said he was very nice and they totally enjoyed he's readings!  I am so happy to have had Gypsi with us for my mothers

special day. The party would not have been the same with out him!

​Kimberly H.

Corporate Function   in N Y C   

Gypsy was warm and friendly to all the guests.There was a line out the door

to see her, Everyone had such a good time even though the reading were short. She was essential part of the event.  I am so glad we decided to hire her.

​Austin B.

Birthday Party in  N J     

Gypsi did a great job.The guests had fun and enjoyed her performance. 

He entertained around 40 guests at a adult party.

People were waiting on line to see what he had to say.

He was very pleasant.

​Jana A

Humum's Harley Davidson Anniversary ​in N J       

Wonderful to work with. Great show, and the experience!

Would highly recommend! Thank you.

Katie G.

Birthday Party in NYC     

Thank you Gypsy!
I just got home and have gotten so many wonderful responses.

Thanks for being a part of making the night so special. 
Warmest wishes,
Jacqueline V

​​Corp.Christmas Party  in NYC    

Thank you very much for your time yesterday – everyone had a great time and really enjoyed their readings. You were so enthusiastic and positive.
We would definitely use you again
All the best,


Memorial Service  in N Y 

Gypsy & Gypsi  came to my event in a wonderful gypsy attire .

All of my guests really enjoyed their readings with them.

I highly recommend them for any event!

Lisa M

Sweet 16 Party in N J  

Gypsi was great at my daughter's Sweet 16 party!

I would highly recommend him ! 

​Alison B

Private Party  in C T 

Gypsi's palm and tarot readings at our witches luncheon this year were so much fun! Gypsi is kind and highly intuitive, and everyone absolutely loved him. He spot-on readings and the lively conversation that ensued made this annual Halloween get-together even more special than usual. Gypsi is a gem! 
 Phyllis H

14 th  Birthday  Party in N J  

Gypsy is amazing!!! We had her for my daughters 14th birthday party and all girls who attended the party loved their time with her. Gypsy gave each girl their own private reading and, one after another, I saw the girls react how accurate she was about the things she picked up from their palms and overall aura...they loved the predictions she made. Gypsy keeps things positive and fun! She is the nicest person you'll ever meet and wants to make sure everyone at the party enjoys the experience. She has a real gift because her accuracy during these one-on-one readings was spot on!  Chosing a fortune teller who they loved made me so happy. Book her without doubt!!! 

Jennifer H

12 th Birthday Party in NY  

I hired Gypsy for my daughters 12 th birthday party!

We hosted it in a suite at the hotel and she was fantastic.

From the minute I hired her she stayed in touch with me, she gave 

each girl a private reading..... the first for all of them, and even gave

a  reading to a couple of moms!

She was lovely and insightful! I will hire her again!!!

​Kim E

​​Promoting the book Alchemist   in N Y Public Library   

Our program was for teens, but Gypsy read teen,s adults, and children.

Whoever wanted a reading!  Gypsy is the real deal! and looks the part!

Everyone had fun!

Marilyn H

Birthday Party  in NYC  

Five across the board- Excellent presentation and lovely personality -

Would hire again!

Rocky  B

​​​​​Graduation Party   In N Y C   

Gypsi was wonderful and professional  !

Megan G

Corporate Event  in West Brook C T  

We had Gypsy and her son Gypsi at our  Welcome Reception and they were

fabulous!   Everyone raved about them and couldn't believe hoe "spot on"

their readings were!   They were both so friendly, positive and accommodating

and were a great addition to our event.    I would definitely hire them again

in the future and recommend them for all types of events.

Michelle J

50 th Birthday Party   in NYC  

Our guest had a great time and really enjoyed Gypsi's readings.

He was very warm and positive.  I would certainly recommend her !

Amy Z

Sweet 16 Birthday Party   in  N Y  

I had an Arabian Night themed, sweet 16 party for my daughter.

No words can explain how Amazing Gypsi is!!!    Everyone one Loved his !!

The children and the adults thought he was amazing!!  Thank you so much

for making it a memorable and overly amazing experience!!!

I Highly Recommend Her For Any Type Of Party!!!

​Heather T

40th Birthday Party   in New City  N Y  

Absolutely amazing!  he was on time, efficient professional completely 

​accommodating and welcoming to all of our guests!  The costume was authentic and the table setting was perfect that he brought. His talent is authentic and his readings were amazing.  Several of our guests were absolutely dumbfounded of how dead on his readings were!

Gypsi has an absolute true gift cannot be denied and his wonderful welcoming smiling face and his sweet nature a plus. Definitely put some skeptics to shame and some people on the fence accepted a reading because of  the great aura!

This man has a special gift and true talent was able to accommodate all of us was very happy!!

Yolanda H

Our Moroccan Gypsy Themed Wedding,    N Y  

We hired Gypsi for our Moroccan Gypsi Themed Wedding, and absolutely loved

the experience.  Gypsi added a great vibe and soul to our wedding day, and our guests are still raving about the amazing time they had.   There was a line to see Gypsi the entire night.  He was one of the most popular people at our wedding.

He was very responsive and communicative through the planning process.

We were lucky to have his presence on our special day.

Danielle C

​Fundraiser  in  NY 

Gypsi was a highlight of our event.  Everyone enjoyed their time with him.  I would definitely book him again!

Natalie S 

Birthday Party  in  N Y  

Gypsy was wonderful.  All the guests enjoyed their time with her and what she had to tell them.  

​Randi  M

Birthday Party   in , N J  
Gypsy was so positive and fun to be around. All of the girls loved her and felt she was extremely accurate! I hope to be able to use gypsy again very soon! 

Jen S

Girls Night Out   in  C T 

Thank you! The ladies truly enjoyed themselves. In addition to entertainment, what you do helps people feel good about what they do and who they are while at the same time subtly encourages one to have a look at things. That could be different that they could never thought of. In any event I will certainly refer you to clients and friends.


Sweet 16th Birthday Party    N Y  

We hired Gypsy for my daughters sweet 16. She arrived on time , was very pleasant and uplifting. She had a line the whole night and my guests both adults and children were very impressed by her. If your looking for this type of entertainment you will very happy with Gypsy! I never met her before the night of the event and we were very pleased with her. 

Donna H

Sweet 16th Birthday Party  in C T 

 Gypsy - THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you do and did for my niece and her friends and my family. My mom in law called last night telling me about you and how wonderful you are and what fun my mom /aunt had listening to the kids laughing and being very silent-attentive to you then laughing and just having a ball! My niece/ friends keeps telling me - Gypsy was so awesome That is all she could say. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!  I just hope my words will express my sincere thanks and gratitude to you for giving my wonderful family fun and wonderful memories.

Allyne V

Wedding Reception,  PA  

We were very satisfied with Gypsy and  her son  Gypsi as they entertained for our wedding event. They arrived dressed and ready on time . Everyone at the party really enjoyed her and Gypsi. They were busy almost all the time they was there. I would recommend Gypsy and Gypsi to anyone looking for this kind of service .  

 Brenda B

Ripleys Beleive It Or Not ,  N.Y.C. 

Gypsy was professional, timely and wonderfully interactive with our party guests. We can't wait for an opportunity to invite her back!

Mike U

Bat Mitzvah   in  N.J. 

Thank you Gypsy,  Everyone who had seen you. Loved you
at the party. I will be calling you again in the near future.
Thank you for making my party great1

Julianne F

Corporate Function in New York, NY 

Gypsy was excellent for our corporate function with some of our top clients. Everyone who attended loved her, and she was great to work with! We look forward to being able to work with her in the future.

 Ciara M

Sweet 16 Party in  NJ 

Gypsy helped to make our daughter's sweet 16 a smashing success. Many said that her readings were the best part of the party and gave me reports of all the wonderful things she said and how "spot on" she was. She was dressed for the part and looked amazing. Do not hesitate to hire this talented woman.

Judy C

Bachelorette Party in N.J 

Gypsy was warm, friendly and was a great addition to a bachelorette party! Everyone had a fun time and we ended the day with a blessing for the soon to be bride! 

Liz. B

Private Party in  NY 

Gypsy came to my daughters' 16th birthday party. She was a big hit. There was a line of people waiting to have their "fortunes" told. Gypsy was extremely professional and arrived on time. Gypsy was a nice addition to the party.

Robyn C.

Birthday Party in  NY  

Thank you Gypsy! It was great.   Everyone loved you. You have made my party Prefect.


Bachelorette Party in  N Y   

She was a joy to have at the party. She gave everyone around 10 minutes, and it was a total success. Thanks to Gypsy!

Kate D

Bachelorette Party in New York City   

Gypsy did an incredible job. She wasn't phased by the number of people or the loud music at the event, and gave every single one of my friends a reading. I would definitely recommend her to others. She was kind, thoughtful, on time and extremely professional.

Kristen D

Bachelorette Party in  NJ   

My friends and I hired Gypsy for a bachelorette party--and she was quite the hit! She provided amazing insight into all of our lives; plus, she was just an absolute pleasure to be around. Everyone had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed their readings, both palm and card. I cannot say enough glowing things about Gypsy!

Jordan D
Bachellorette Party  in NJ

My friends and I hired Gypsy for a bachelorette party--and she was quite the hit! She provided amazing insight into all of our lives; plus, she was just an absolute pleasure to be around. Everyone had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed their readings, both palm and card. I cannot say enough glowing things about Gypsy!Jordan My friends and I hired Gypsy for a bachelorette party--and she was quite the hit! She provided amazing insight into all of our lives; plus, she was just an absolute pleasure to be around. Everyone had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed their readings, both palm and card. I cannot say enough glowing things about Gypsy

Engagement Party in New York City    

Gypsy was so lovely, everyone at the party really enjoyed her!
Her readings were positive, as was she. Her presence was such a fun addition.
She was very sweet and accommodating. We will certainly recommend her to

Annemarie D  

Coroprate Event  in CT       

Gypsi was great. He arrived early, dressed in festive attire. He was warm and personable, and created a nice comfortable space in which to give his readings. His readings were spot on, and the guests loved him. He had a line the entire night. I would definitely use him again.

Gina N.

Coroprate Holiday Party in N.Y.C.        

Gypsy was awesome addition to our party!
Our guests really enjoyed her and said she was right on target with her readings!
She came early, and was very friendly and professional. 
Thank you so much Gypsy.

Tracy E

Corporate Holiday Party in NYC  

Gypsy was an awesome addition to our party! Our guest really enjoyed her and said she was right on target with her readings! She came early, was very friendly and professional. Thank you Gypsy


Bachelorette Party in   N Y   

Gypsy was wonderful!!!! We had a great time and everyone loved their reads. All the woman felt like she really nailed them down. I would certainly recommend her for any event!!! She was very professional, gracious, and exuded kindness!!!!!! Wonderful, wonderful!!!!!

Laura K

Halloween Party in C T      

Gypsy was a wonderful addition to our Halloween party. Gypsy arrived on time and was dressed in a beautiful, traditional gypsy outfit. Adults and children alike were intrigued, slightly apprehensive, and then comforted/happy following their readings (palm and tarot cards). I would recommend Gypsy to anyone who's looking to add something fanciful to their party that entertains children and adults. Gypsy is a lovely woman. Thank you for coming to our party. 

Doreen G

Halloween Party in N.Y.C.               

She is a lovely lady.She was so busy in our party,she did really well!!! Thanks Gypsy!!!!You made our party incredible!!:)

Endre M

Children's Birthday Party in N.Y.C.   

I had Gypsy come read for 15 10 year old girls at my daughters birthday party. Gypsy was so wonderful and kind. She was responsive and responsible..even came early to make sure she was here in time. She was so lovely to deal with and took her time with each girl. I recommend her highly. All the girls loved her!

Linda E
Birthday Party  in NY  

Gypsi made our daughter's birthday party a fantastic success. He had all of the girls around him in a circle and he was patient, calm, professional and not at all over-whelmed. In the universe of party entertainers he was one of the best we have ever worked with and I would 100% recommend and hire Gypsi again.  

Children's Birthday Party in N.Y.C. 

Gypsy made our daughter's birthday party a fantastic success.
She had all of the girls in around her in a circle and was patient, calm, professional and not al all over wehelmed.  In the universe of party entertainers she was one of the best we ever worked with and would 100% recommend and hire Gypsy again.

Jody B

Corporate Function in N.Y.C. 

Gypsi was great and I would definitely recommend him.
He was very professional and quick to respond.
We received lots of positive feedback from our employees,
every one enjoyed their readings.

Allison W

 Birthday Party in  N.J 
Gypsy on time, and very professional.
Her readings were light and fun for all our guests.
It was a birthday celebration and everyone got their own good fortunes  read.
Just at the last minute when people knew Gypsy was about to leave, 
They all wanted Us to keep her longer, so we extended her stay.
Everyone Just Loved Her !

Anastasta. H

Carnival Time at Trinity  in  CT 

It was a pleasure to have you, Gypsy, and I know that the students enjoyed you immensely.  I thoroughly enjoyed your readings, and I’m going to run with it with a strong, positive light.  You’ve motivated me to reach my goals even more.  THANK YOU again, and I hope that you are open to coming again when our need calls for it, and hopefully not just for Carnival time.  


It was a pleasure to have you, Miss Gypsy, and I know that the students enjoyed you immensely.  I thoroughly enjoyed your readings, and I’m going to run with it with a strong, positive light.  You’ve motivated me to reach my goals even more.

Private Party in  NJ 

I was extremely happy with her professionalism. She was exactly what we were looking for and it was an extremely positive experience overall.

- Nicole F

Private Party in NJ 

I was extremely happy with her professionalism. She was exactly what we were looking for. It was an extremely positive experience overall.

 Nicole F

Private Party in  NJ 
I hired Gypsi in an effort to mix it up at my BBQ. Everyone loved him! He did a fantastic job.. He came in costume and did readings for everyone - which, were right on. I'd definitely hire him again and so should you!

John Andrew

Birthday Party in NY  

 Gypsi was great! A great addition to our party. He was very professional, on time,    And very accommodating. Everyone loved there readings. I would highly recommend Gypsi.

Maureen C

Christmas Party in New York, NY 

Gypsy was the perfect to our recent family holiday party. She managed to accommodate all our guests and everyone loved her positive and fun readings. I would highly recommend Gypsy and I hope our paths cross again soon!
Ailie J

Holiday Corporate Party  in N.J. 

Gypsy arrived early to our event. She was dressed perfect in her Gypsy attire. Everyone loved her, and said she was spot on with her readings. I would highly recommend and hire her again


Birthday Party (Adults) in  NJ
Gypsy was a hit at our party!!!! Everyone loved her!!!! She was a great addition to our party & I would most certainly recommend her to anyone!!!"

Michele C.

Private Party in  NY  

What a fantastic time we had our party! Gypsy came on time with her son Gypsi and entertained my guests during our Halloween Party. She and her son were so nice and friendly and really added to the ambience and fun. Don't hesitate to hire her!!

 Andrea S.

Halloween Party in  NY 

"My guests loved Gypsy.She was spot on with her readings.Her Gypsy costume was perfect. It was a nice touch to our Halloween party!"

 Catherine C.

Halloween Party/ Corp. in P.A. 

Thank you Gypsy & Gypsi for coming to our event.
Everyone was raving on how great you guys were,                                       
And how accurate  your readings were.
Looking forward in useing you both again soon.


Wedding Reception in  PA  

Gypsy and Gypsi were absolutely wonderful!! We had them for our vintage circus themed wedding and EVERYONE raved about them! If you need a psychic for an event look no further! I sincerely appreciate them making our special day even more special. Thank you!!"


Birthday Party (Children) in NJ 

Gypsy was wonderful! The group of 10 year old girls had lipstick readings. All of them couldn't wait! They all sat around listening each others readings completely in Awe! The adults at the party also had a fantastic time and waited in line to have their palms and tarot cards read! I would highly recommend Gypsy for any event! She was on time, professional, everyone had a fantastic time! "

 Alexandra D.

Graduation Party in  N.J. 

Gypsy & Gypsi were fabulous, The kids loved having them there.
There costumes were beautiful and authentic.  There  helped make
our project graduation extra special and a lot of fun!
I would hire them back in a heart beat.

 Sonja H.

Graduation Party in  NJ

"Gypsy was WONDERFUL !!! I had a group of people from teens to seniors...her set-up was just beautiful ...nothing tacky whatsoever! She was ontime, professional, warm and special. Everyone loved her! In terms of talent, people are STILL talking to me about her "read". It was a highlight of the night! I truly recommend her!!!!"

 Linda H.

Private Party in NY 

Gypsy is a very warm and lovely ladies. She and her son Gypsi  entertained our guests and was everything they promised to be. Overall experience was very good. We all have a very fun time. Would hire them again in the near future.

 Helene L.

Fundrasier  in  CT   

Both Gypsy and her son were so accomodating to the needs of 450 person Gala Fundraiser for Type 1 Diabetes. As one of many entertainment options on our cruise, they were the Hit of the party.  Long lines of people gathering just  trying to sit with them for 5 to 15 Mins.  I would highly reccommend then for all kinds of events. Ours were a black tie attire located in Fairfield County, They were so nice to travel long distances for our fundrauser with  much Thanks to you both. I  would Highly Reccommend Gypsy & Gypsi in the future!

 Jessica L.

Corporate Function in New York, NY

Gypsy was extremely accommodating throughout the whole process. She was patient and obliging and very easy to contact. There was a constant line of guests waiting to get their fortune told and their palms read. This was a corporate event and the guests loved her! She was willing and ready to do whatever we asked of her and we were so appreciative of her work. She had the crowd very excited, and managed to perform extremely well over the loud music. I would definitely hire GYPSY again and would recommend her to anyone for all types of events."

 Nicole F

Sweet 16 Party in  NJ 

Gypsy was lots of fun and did a great job! The kids loved her!"

 Anya S.

Corporate Function in  NJ

Gypsy was terrific. She arrived early, was beautifully dressed, and didn't stop smiling. She was entertaining and extremely intuitive. She made our party very special. "

 Melissa B. 

Oktoberfest Party in  NJ 

Gypsy & Gypsi was  great  at our party. They were warm and friendly to all of our friends and spent the evening in good humor. We had a lot of fun with both of them.We are looking forward to next year in hiring them both. They are awesome."

 Coiro C.

Birthday Party (Adults) in East Brunswick, NJ on 10/13/2012
I found Gypsi to be a very warm and friendly individual. He was prompt, professional and easy to talk to. The guests at my party were thrilled to meet him and all agreed his readings were quite accurate. He radiates warmth and positivity and I would highly recommend him for your next event. Thank you Gypsi!"

 Lisa D.

Graduation Party in  NJ
Gypsy and her son were a great hit at my daughter's HS Graduation party. They arrived in costume and started reading our guests as soon as they were set up. The readings were accurate and fun was had by all. I would recommend Gypsy to entertain at any event and have full confidence that her presence would be a great success!"

 Donna C.

Birthday Party (Adults) in  NJ 
 "I could not believe how people lined up to wait their turn in line to meet with her at an adult party with other entertainment in full swing! They were not eating since they didn't want to lose their place in line! She is a true delight and very warm and friendly. Everyone loved her! Would definitely recommend her for any party where you want interactivity between guests and a fun/unusual time! Absolutely tops! (Her costume definitely contributed to her craft as well as the party's festive mood!) - Kudos Gypsy! "

 Kathleen C.

Graduation Party in Collegeville, PA on 07/14/2012
We had a high school graduation party for my daughter. We had about 150 people ranging all ages. Gypsy and her son, Gypsi, were awesome!! They were extremely polite, courteous, professional and accomodating. She was friendly and enjoyable to have at my party. She did tarot card readings, palm readings and astrology. I have no idea how she's so insightful, but she had great advice and fortune telling for all the guests. Everyone was talking about their experience in a positive and fun way. It really made the party exciting. I received all positive feedback. I would whole-heartedly recommend them. They were amazing."

Paige E.

Graduation Party in  NJ 
 Our guests got a big kick out of visiting with Gypsy and her son for their readings and I got many compliments that it was a nice touch for our family graduation party. Gypsy's vibe was perfect for the occasion - she was warm and friendly, and surprised several guests by knowing fun tidbits about their lives even though she had only just met them. Her son did a great job with tarot cards. Great outfits, too! I chose Gypsy due to the large number of positive reviews and they are spot on."

- Elaine F.

Birthday Party (Adults) in NY 
Gypsy added that little something extra and fun to the basic birthday party! Everyone got a kick out her -as well as her fun and light hearted readings! Gypsi and his tarot cards wer also enjoyable and a treat for my guests. Thank you Gypsy."

- Carrie S.

Birthday Party (Adults) in  NJ 
 Gypsy arrived on time, provided excellent readings for all guests, was wonderfully professional and exceptionally sweet and personable. Would highly recommend her !"

 Christine V.

Birthday Party (Adults) in NJ 
 Our daughter turned 13 on Friday the 13th-we had a party of "good fortune" and Gypsy was a wonderful addition to the celebration. Gypsy took the time to give each participant individual attention; everyone had their palm read, a signature interpretation, and a tarot card reading. It was great fun for this pre-teen crowd! "

 Genevieve S.

Corporate Function in  CT
It was a wonderful evening..being a fortune teller he ' predicted' it would be a great evening..and boy was he spot on..EVERYBODY loved his authenticity and insights..would highly recommend to anybody looking for a consummate professional and entertainer..BRAVO!!"

- Paul L.

Holiday Party in Kinnelon, NJ on 12/17/2011
 Gypsi was amazing! I had him come to my home for an intimate all female holiday party. He was extremely professional and looked like a gypsy! All of my guests fell in love with him and still (almost 2 weeks later) talk about their readings. There should be no hesitation in booking Gypsi for an event!"

 Linda C.

Birthday Party (Adults) in New York City, NY 
Gypsy and her son Gypsi were a real crowd pleaser. I hired them for an adult surprise birthday party and they did not disappoint. They arrived early and were very accommodating in terms of set up etc. They were a big hit and everyone loved them! They were pretty spot on with their palm readings and tarot card readings. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to spice up their celebrations and would be happy to use them again at a future celebration!! "

 Beth G.

Halloween Party in  PA 
So happy I decided to acquire his services. He was the hit of our party, had everyone talking. Even had a few people who really had no interest change there mind to have a reading. "

 Marcus D.

Bachelorette Party in NJ 
I hired Gypsy to entertain at an in-home bachelorette party. SHE WAS GREAT! She arrived on time, set up & got down to business right away. She made time for every guest...even some little girls who were there for the party! As I walked around, I heard my guest talking about what she said to them. It added an element of interest to the event that I was not expecting - a pleasant surprise. I would highly recommend her! THANKS!!! "

 Melissa K.

Corporate Function in  CT 
Gypsy and Gypsi were a wonderful addition to our company summer party. They were both very intuitive, lovely, and professional. They arrived early to prepare and gave everyone who wanted readings a chance. Everyone enjoyed their experience with the and not to mention their fabulous 16th century Gypsy garb. Thank you Gypsi and Gypsi!"

 Michael N.

Corporate Function in  NJ 
 Gypsy was great- she came to a corporate event that we had and she stayed for 2 different shifts. Before the event she was very prompt with returning calls and questions, and she confirmed our event a few days beforehand. Our employees were very happy that she was there!"

Kara W.

Birthday Party (Adults) in New York, NY 
Gypsy came a few minutes early, was very professional and extremely warm and friendly to me and my guests. She took time with each person and answered any questions they may have had. Each guest came back saying he was right on target and that this was so much fun, they enjoyed the entire evening. I would definitely get Gypsi again and highly recommend him for your event, he is fabulous."

Linda S.

Birthday Party (Children) in NY

Gypsi, did readings at my child's birthday party and was a big hit with the children and adults. He looked every inch the part and took his time with each child so everyone felt special. He was right on time, ready to go and sweet as can be. Well done Gypsi. Thanks."

Patrick B.

Birthday Party (Adults) in NJ 

Right from the get-go, Gypsy immediately responded to my e-mail regarding availability and cost. She followed-up to confirm and re-confirm date and time of our party. She arrived right on time, and was a delightful addition to our party. Our guests loved her! At nights end, she made sure we were fully satisfied before she left. It's stressful enough to throw a party without any glitches. Gypsy was smooth sailing. Thumbs-up for Gypsy. Gregg Stone (Livingston, N.J.)"

 Gregg S.

Birthday Party (Adults) in New York, NY on 01/19/2011
We had Gypsy over for a corporate birthday party and everyone had a blast. I can't vouch for anyone else's reading, but mine was spot on. I was very impressed, and everyone else was rapt with attention while she was working. Gypsy was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great time. She is on our short list for sure. Thanks Gypsy! "

 Kelsey T.

Halloween Party in  CT 
Gypsy was great! She told fortunes for my daughter and twenty-four friends, ages 10 - 12, at a Halloween party, and made the experience appropriately spooky and atmospheric without being frightening. The girls loved the experience and enjoyed talking about and comparing their fortunes! Gypsy was perfectly dressed, arrived more than punctually, was very accommodating of any special requests, and checked in several times the week before the party to make sure of arrangements. Very professional - I would highly recommend her!"

 Rebecca T.

Cocktail Party in Stillwater, NJ on 10/10/2010
I hired Gypsy to be the entertainment at my 10/10/10 Birthday event; Iwanted this to be a special surprise for my guests. Gypsy was the perfect decision. She was so co-operative, waiting out of sight until all the guests arrived and with her professional flair introduced herself and the guests lined up, everyone was thrilled with their readings, even the cynics. Gypsy created for me the party I had hoped for. Oct. 12, 2010 Stillwater, NJ"

 Paulette C.

Halloween Party in PA 
Gypsy arrived early, was very professional and accommodating and overall, great. She provided exactly what I was looking for - something different and exciting for my Halloween party. Guests were lined up and we wound up having her stay for an extra hour. I didn't have to worry about entertaining our guests with Gypsy there! "

 Cheryl F. 

Birthday Party (Adults) in Wayne, NJ on 09/18/2010
Gypsy was fantastic! She was very personable and professional and all the guests were very pleased with their readings. She was the hit of the party and I would definitely recommend her!"

 Meg S.

Corporate Function in NY

Gypsy was wonderful. Never had so many employees wanting to participate in any event. The lines were long as everyone waited to hear what Gypsy had to say. She was a HIT! Eveyone was talking about "The Gypsy" Eileen Pane"

 Eileen P

Birthday Party (Children) in Hackensack, NJ on 08/22/2010
I booked Gypsy for my daughter's birthday party. She arrived on time, set up promptly, and was a big hit. The children and the adults enjoyed the experience. Speaking for myself, Gypsy was very accurate and it was an enjoyable experience."

 Patricia B.

Corporate Function in  CT 
We hired Gypsy for a company outing and she was on time and did a terrific job. Everyone who had a reading enjoyed themselves and had fun. Thanks Gypsy!!"

 Joanna S.

Private Party in North Salem, NY on 03/27/2010
Gypsy arrived at our event early and was set up on time. He was a wonderful addition to our party. He was professional and very good at what he does. Many of our guests asked for his card and plan on contacting him in the future. I can't say enough good things about Gypsy - he is a great entertainer and excellent at what he does. Thanks Gigmasters!!"

 Susan P.

Bachelorette Party in Summit, NJ on 02/20/2010
Upon arrival, which was conveniently early, Gypsy's enthusiasm and professionalism shone through! Beforehand, a few of my guests were anxious about meeting with Gypsy, but as soon as they met her she made them feel extremely comfortable. She was spot on in describing my guests well as mine! I highly recommend Gypsy for any and all of your party needs! She even made an exception with the time of the event to be sure to accommodate all of my guests. I will most definitely keep Gypsy in mind for future events! THANKS GYPSY!"

 Erica C..

Valentine's Day Party in  NJ 
Our Valentines Day girls only party was a huge success in part because of gypsy. While party games, dancing, etc was going on Gypsy remained professional in another room having continual sessions throughout the evening. She never took a break nor did she get a break between sessions with guests. The guests were 17 yrs old and so excited about Gypsy they were taking numbers like in a bakery to meet with her. lol She actually had a line of guests waiting to meet with her. Everyone was satisfied with their reading and loved her 16th century attire...very nice touch. Five Stars from Sparta!"

 Lori P.

Birthday Party (Adults) in NY 
 Gypsi was great. He was very funny, personable, and professional. Even our guests who were skeptical at first were thoroughly entertained, complimented him, and asked where we found him. I would hire him again and recommend him to anyone."

 Deanna D

New Year's Eve Party in  CT
Gypsy was an assest to my party. I would hire her again. She was very accomodating, contacting me frequently pre party as I hired her way in advance. She came on time and made sure everyone had a reading. People talked about it afterwards and have sent me notes saying how much they enjoyed the "fortune teller"."

 Phyllis P.

Birthday Party (Children) in  NY
Gypsy was amazing !! My daughter's sweet 16 party will be the talk of the town for weeks. The girls had such a good time. Gypsy was VERY accurate with her readings. She was very professional and I would highly recommend her to anyone. I know we will be using her again. Even grandma who is normally a skeptic; is now a believer. THANKYOU GYPSY!!! Sincerly, Cheryl & Summer (Scotia,NY) "

 Cheryl O.

Bachelorette Party in Medford Lakes, NJ on 09/12/2009
Everyone had a great time. We are booking Gypsi again at our next event. He was so accurate and everyone is still talking about how much of a great time they had. I appreciated that he took the most time with the bride-to-be and made her bachelorette party special."

 Dawn O.

Bachelorette Party in NJ 
Everyone had a great time. We are booking Gypsy again at our next event. She was so accurate and everyone is still talking about how much of a great time they had. I appreciated that she took the most time with the bride-to-be and made her bachelorette party special."

 Dawn O.

Sweet 16 Party in  PA 
 Gypsy and Gypsi were very friendly and professional. They arrived before the required time and they were theatrically dressed. They attracted the attention of the guests from the start. They were a surprise for my daughter's sweet 16 and she was ecstatic when she first saw them. Throughout the night they drew a crowd of excitement. Many of the guests commented on how their readings were insightful and accurate. The guests enjoyed the experience so very much! My husband and I would highly recommend them to anyone considering fortune tellers. "

 Laura C.

Sweet 16 Party in  PA 
Gypsy was very professional and entertaining. The kids (16 year old sweet sixteen party) all enjoyed having their fortunes told and comparing notes later in the party. Gypsy was on time, easy to work with, and responsible. Her costume was great and her smile and attention to the kids very enjoyable. They got a kick out of it!"

 Johanna V

Bachelorette Party in PA 
Gypsy was hired to perform at my bachlorette party. She had EXCELLENT communication about questions and concerns prior to the event. At the event, she was PROMPT, PROFFESIONAL, and POLITE. The guests and I had a GREAT time! I would highly recommend GYPSY for anyone looking for an entertainer for an event. "

 Heidi S.

Private Party in  NJ 
Everyone seemed to really enjoy the fun for having their palm read; some were more vocal about what was said, but generaly, everyone enjoyed his and it was a very fun and I would hire him again! Elizabeth Evans"

 Elizabeth E.