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Special Events Preformed

White Meadow Lake Festival

Rockaway  N J

July 21, 2024

Hosted by Iiene

Touring  Las  Vegas

Private Events

Nov 21  to Dec 1


​Ocar Wilde in N Y C

Corp.  Halloween Party

Oct .  2023

Fat Black Pussy Cat in N Y C

​Private Party

April  2023

Hosted By Brooklyn Gin

SpaOlogy in N J

Celebrating 4 years in business

April 2023

​Hosted by Owner  Alassandra

Atlantic Corporate in N J

Advertising Promotion In A.C.

October 2022

Hosted By Robert Kutulis

Sobo & Sobo in N Y

Corporate Function

September 2022

​Hosted By Corporation

Spirit Halloween Flagship  N J

​Store Grand Opening

July  2022

Hosted  By Corporation

Mosaic Wellness & Beauty Spa N J

Christmas Party

December  2021

​Hosted By Katrina

Halloween Boo- Bash N Y

Chilton Breast Cancer Fundrasier

October 2019

Hosted by David Ezra 

Driftwood Cabana Club  N J

Members  only

August  2019

​Hosted By  Driftwood Beach Club

Woodway Beach Club  C T

Employees  Of Pepsi - Cola

August  2019

Hosted by Pepsi -Cola

Avalon Yacht Club  N J

Members Only

July  2019

Hosted By Linda Loeper

Stonewall Inn 50th Anniversary

Gay Pride

​June  2019 N.Y.C.

TALES of the City  N.Y.C


For June 7, 2019

Hosted By Netfix

Monkey 47 Gin N.Y C


May  2019

Host by ​Lacy Hawkins

The Legacy Foundation  N J

March  2019

Hosted by Troy Singleton

​N J State Senator

Philadelphia Phillies   P A

Holiday Party

Dec.   2018

​Hosted by David Montgomery

Hannum's Harley- Davidson  N J


March  2017

Hosted by Katie  Glltinan

Peace ,Love  & RCNS  N Y

Fundraiser/Reformed Church

March  2017

Hosted by Natalie Schwartz

​​Sturges  SD


 8/1/2017   8/10/2017

                                           Ghosts In The Hood

                                           TV Cast Holiday Party

                                              2016  N.Y.C

                                            Hosted by WE TV

P​lanned Parenthood


2016  N.Y.C

Hosted by Sara Dinari

Megan Kelly

Book: Settle For More

2016 N.Y.C.

Hosted by Fox News

Daily Mail.Com

​Halloween Bash

2016 N.Y.C​

​Hosted by Daily Mail.Com



                                  The  ALCHMIST  By Paulo Coelho

                                              2016  Harrison ,  N Y

                                Hosted by the  Harrison  Public Library

​​Winter Wonderland

Fundraiser/Reformed Church Nursery School

2016 Bronxville New York

Hosted by Natalie Schwartz & Jennie Jacobs

Ripley,s Believe It Or Not!
Halloween Party  2015   At Times Square N.Y.C.
Hosted by Ripleys Belive It Or Not!  Corp.

 Champion Charities
Hosted First Anunual Brian - Tumors and Disease  

2014  N.Y. C.
Hosted By  NFL Harris Barton and Ronnie Lott

 Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund
Host the Fifth Annual Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes   

2013   Connecticut
Hosted By Mary Tyler Moore

 Ivanka 30th Birthday Party
Super Hero 30th Birthday Party     

2012    New York
Hosted By Mr. Trump

A Bewitched Grape Escape

Annual Party

2012    Boston

Hosted By J Rocket Marketing

Trump National Golf Club
Members  Annual Party      

2011  New Jersey
Hosted By Mr. Trump 

Renaissance Faire
                   Fortune Teller              

      2010-2013    Tuxedo N.Y.

Children Of Armenia  Fund
Host the Fifth Annual Save A Generation Gala    

2007   New York
Hosted By Jane Fonda

Tropicana Casino in A.C.
Perform in the Tropicana for there New Opening  

2007  Altantic City New Jersey